My Holiday Wish List

Yes, the holidays are closing in fast. So with that in mind I’m sure most of us Jeepers have some sort of wish list for what we want. Tonight, I want to talk to you about my top 3 parts and accessories I have on my list and where YOU should buy your gear!

First, I’m looking at getting a winch recovery kit! Now, some of you may think they’re not worth getting but trust me, safety is and always should be of main priority. The last thing you want is to have someone get injured because you didn’t use the proper safety equipment. Winch recovery kits include anything and from D-Rings, a snatch block pulley, winch line dampener, recovery strap, tree trunk protector strap, and even a pair of gloves. Everything you need to safely and securely use your winch is available whenever you may need it. Winch recovery kits are available from any major aftermarket Jeep outfitter. I highly recommend buying one for yourself or even for a friend! You can find these on Extreme Terrains website,, for only $170.

Second on my list are some more lights! Let’s be honest, can you ever have too many lights? My friends at High Beam Off-road are making the best CREE LED’s I have ever seen. I currently have blue RokShots in each one of my wheel wells and a 12 inch LED light bar on my front bumper. I can honestly say I cannot be any happier with how well they work. Not to mention all the sweet looks going down the road. This holiday season, I’m hoping to snag some white RokShots and use them as new back-up lights. These lights are no bigger than the size of a nickel but damn are the bright! I’m planning on drilling holes below my back lights and placing them there. These little bad boys run at  $15 a pair. Not too bad, and definitely worth every penny! You can order your very own RokShots and light bars at

The last thing on my wish list is a GoPro. These action/sports cameras are the BEST. If you’ve never seen some footage from a GoPro, stop what you’re doing right now and go watch some of the videos! These little cameras are sturdy, dirable, and can be mounted almost anywhere. Just last Sunday I saw a GoPro mounted to an Eagle!! The footage was incredible! The only down side to these cameras are how expensive they are. The newest cameras, the Hero 4’s, can run nearly $500 a pop. Trust me though, they are worth it! The main reason I want one of these cameras is to hopefully start making my own wheeling videos for all of you beautiful people to watch! If you want one of your own you can buy them directly from or you can visit your local Wal-Mart, Target, or Best Buy!

Thanks again for reading! I apologize for not posting recently. That won’t happen again! Be sure to check out these amazing companies!


One thought on “My Holiday Wish List

  1. Good list! I’ve used a work GoPro before out wheeling, and it’s now on my list, too. They’re like potato chips, though — you can’t have just one!

    My Jeep list, er, Christmas list this year is all about the money — I’m determined to finally lift her when Uncle Sam returns some of my money next year, so I’m stockpiling until then.


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