New 2018 Wrangler Rumors

So, a few rumors have been floating around about the new generation of Wranglers. A couple of things I have heard is the new aluminum bodies, eco diesel engines, eight speed automatic transmissions, and no more solid axles. Today, I’m going to tell you what I think about each of these rumors.

First, lets start with the aluminum bodies. The main reason, I believe Jeep is considering aluminum bodies, is because of weight. Today’s car brands are all faced with meeting all new fuel efficiency regulations and by switching to a lighter, less expensive metal, Jeep will be able to come closer to meeting these new regulations. Personally I think this is a good change for the new Wranglers and I am almost certain we can expect to see aluminum making an appearance with the new Jeeps.

Now, onto the eco diesel engines. Yes, this is something I think deep down we’ve all been waiting for. I don’t expect these Jeeps rolling of the assembly line rolling coal like MBRP’s Rattletrap project, but I can definitely see Jeepers taking full advantage with these new diesel engines. Diesel, although not very common with Jeeps, provides great fuel economy. Again, I believe the thought of putting diesel engines in the new Jeeps is because of the constant demand to meet fuel economy regulations. Not only will these diesel engines provide great MPG’s but they will also provide much more torque and power. Something the current Jeeps are lacking. My thoughts on these new engines are nothing but good. Sure, the fuel prices are more expensive but you’ll make up for it with great MPG’s, some sweet looks driving down the street, and better performance.

Eight speed automatic transmissions. Not sure what I think with this one. Again, Jeep is trying to meet the new regulations and that means better transmissions. Personally, I love manual transmission way more than automatics but for those who don’t care I think this will be very beneficial and obviously add to the more fuel efficient Wranglers Jeep is pushing so hard for.

Last but not least, no more solid axles. If you don’t know what I am talking about think of the Ford Raptors. That is the kind of suspension Jeep wants to put into the new Wranglers. This will allow for better flex, bigger tires, and better stability on the road. As for aftermarket mods, I think the market will certainly change and make accommodations for the new suspensions and you will see a large availability of different aftermarket mods for these new Wranglers. I will certainly miss the solid axles. Nonetheless, a Jeep is still a Jeep, and for that reason alone, people will buy these new Wranglers. What do you think?

Thanks for reading!

– Jeep Family

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