Automatic V. Manual

A constant debate roars within the Jeep Community and that is whether automatic or manual transmission is the best. Personally, I love manual transmission and love the fact that Jeep is one of the few car brands that still have manual transmissions as an option in some of their models. My favorite thing is dropping the shifter into that next gear and feeling like one of the Fast and Furious bad asses. Yeah, there’s no big red nitrous button, and you’re not thrown back into your seat, and unfortunately no crazy colored flames shoot out of the tail pipe, but driving stick shift gives you a sense of just pure awesomeness and excitement. For those who are good at driving stick, you can also see better fuel economy because you are deciding when to shift and you decide how much gas the Jeep is using. As good as manual transmissions can be there are some downsides. Stick shift can be very difficult to learn how to drive and can be stressful for those who struggle with it. It also can be very difficult in an off-road setting if not the driver is not familiar with the technique needed to drive stick shift off-road. Some people even believe driving stick makes the driver more in touch with their Jeep and you really get to know how it runs and drives. Personally I love manual transmission and will always own a manual Wrangler.

Now onto automatic transmission. This is what most people are used to driving and is something most see as comfortable and easy. No practice is really needed to drive an automatic transmission as well as much thought while driving. While automatic transmission is easy, comfortable, and you can always find one if you need one, there are some cons to them as well. Automatics are known to crap out a lot easier than manuals. With the car making the decision when to shift the gears can get messed up from the car shifting so much, unlike manuals where you decide when to shift. Another downside to automatics are that they aren’t very good with fuel economy. With the constant shifts and high RPM’s of sudden hard throttles your fuel economy can drop substantially with automatic transmissions. Automatics can also have their negatives off-road as well. When driving automatics off-road it can be very easy for the driver to give the Jeep too much gas and the next thing you know, your heading straight for a tree.

No matter which you prefer to drive, a Jeep is a Jeep. Both kinds of transmissions have their pros and cons and it’s really up to whatever you think is best. Like I previously stated, I love manual transmission and as long as I own a Jeep I will drive stick. So I leave you with the choice, automatic or manual? You decide.

Thanks for reading!

– Jeep Family

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4 thoughts on “Automatic V. Manual

  1. In the UK, stick shift is the ‘norm’ and in 99.9% of cases, what you learn to drive in. Every car I owned was stick until 7 years back when MS forced me to go auto. I’ve got very good at driving economicly with the auto box. An auto will give much smoother power delivery off road, very useefull when it all gets soft under the wheels. The biggest downside with autos is the power drain, up to 20 odd % of the engines power is leached off for the auto transmition !


  2. Manual for sure. The tradition is what I like most but I think everybody needs to learn to drive one to begin with. They’re cheaper to replace, last longer, and it does feel pretty cool driving one around. Plus it’s an excuse to not let a lot of people borrow the jeep. So I have decided every jeep I use will be manual.


  3. Its always been automatic for me. My first 4 jeeps were bought while I lived in the city and I learned to drive automatic so it was only natural that I continue the trend with my newest YJ bought 10 years ago. Finding an a/t yj that suited my needs was a project in itself. The first issue was the price and the distance that I would have to travel to get what I want. My 1989 was a trade in $1200 cash and a 350 mile drive. Worth it you ask, definitely even with severe blow-by and other issues. This was all because I had to have that clean automatic yj. I tried once to learn to drive “stick” and I just didn’t get it. So because I’m a creature of habit or just to lazy to learn I remain on team automatic with no regrets. But I still admire those who know how to hold a cup of coffee a cigarette talk on their blue tooth and can shift gears without hearing a grinding noise…. Multi tasking Team Manual transmission I salute you. #jeepwave


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