The Jeep Wave

jim doing the jeep wave

Most of us know that the Jeep Wave is a very important unspoken law of all Jeepers. As one Jeep owner passes another, a slight wave from the steering wheel is delivered to one another. This is something very simple, yet such an important part of owning a Jeep. Unfortunately, the Jeep Wave is dying. More and more new Jeeps are being produced each year, and more and more people are unaware of this sacred tradition. I am not saying only new Jeep owners don’t wave, but I do believe that a lot of the new owners don’t know about the wave. They don’t know the true roots of the Jeep brand and what it means to us “die hard’s.” I believe that it is up to us to teach the new owners the way of the wave and keep the tradition going.

For many of us Jeepers, the Jeep wave is something we look forward to every time we go for a drive. It’s just like the wave you see a group of guys riding Harley’s give each other. It’s a sign of respect, and it cannot be overlooked. No one truly knows where the Jeep wave originated from. Some say it started because soldiers who returned from the war wanted their own Jeep, so as they passed each other on the road they waved because there was a good chance the other owner had served too. Some believe it simply started by Jeep owners acknowledging how great it was to own a Jeep and would wave to other Jeeps because they knew that the other owner was enjoying themselves as much as they were. No matter how the wave started, I think I can say, on behalf of us all, that we are all proud to participate in such a great tradition. This is a lifestyle choice that we have all come to love and respect. I think that, as members of the Jeep family, it is our responsibility to pass what we know and love onto our children and hopefully they will do the same. So, next time you’re out driving in your Jeep, don’t forget to wave!

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– Jeep Family


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3 thoughts on “The Jeep Wave

  1. I don’t mind if newbies don’t wave. Real Jeepers do. I read somewhere that a wave means “there’s another guy spending all his $$ modifying and fixing his ride”. New jeeps are pay and drive. No repairs no mods. These guys and girls will wave when their knuckles are bleeding or the torx wrench slipped and the door paint is now scratched (the jeep is bleeding).

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